IMO FTPC Part 5:表面可燃性测试-IMO Res.A.653(16) & IMO Res.A.687(17)

IMO FTPC Part 5: Test for surface flammability- IMO Res.A.653(16) & IMO Res.A.687(17)
IMO FTPC Part 5: 表面材料可燃性测试- IMO Res.A.653(16) & IMO Res.A.687(17)

IMO FTPC Part 5适用范围
适用用舱壁、衬板、天花板和甲板表面(Surface materials for bulkheads and ceilings and similar exposed surfaces, floor coverings)材料的可燃性测试,根据IMO Res.A.653(16) & IMO Res.A.687(17)来进行IMO FTPC Part 5表面可燃性测试.


Bulkhead, wall and ceiling linings

Floor coverings

CFE     Qsb     Qt      Qp

Kw/m2    MJ/m2     MJ      kW

CFE     Qsb     Qt      Qp

Kw/m2    MJ/m2     MJ      kW

20     1.5     0.7     4.0

7.0     0.25    2.0    10.0

其中   CFE: Critical flux at extinguishment 熄灭时临界热辐射量
       Qsb: Heat for sustained burning   持续燃烧热值
       Qt: Total heat release 热释放总值
       Qp: Peak heat release rate 热释放峰值

IMO FTPC Part 5测试方法

A specimen with dimensions 800mm x 155mm is exposed in vertical position to a graded radiant heat flux field supplied by a gas-fired radiant panel. The angle between the specimen and the radiant panel is 15°.

The distribution of the heat flux field along the specimen is calibrated at fixed positions 100 mm apart. The values of the heat flux field at these positions as specified in the standard are between 1,5 and 50,5 kW/m2.

Gases given off from the specimen are ignited by a pilot flame from a burner which is situated at the end of the specimen which is nearest to the radiant panel. The combustion gases are drawn off through a fume stack above the specimen.
The test is terminated when any one of the following is applicable;
1. The specimen fails to ignite after a 10 minute exposure
2. Three minutes have pass since all flaming from the specimen ceased.
3. Flaming reaches the end of the specimen or self extinguishes and thus ceases to progress along the specimen. This criterion is only used when heat release measurements are not being made.
4. In the case of floorcoverings, the test shall be terminated after 40 minutes.

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IMO Res.A.653(16) & IMO Res.A.687(17)

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