Paint products EN45545-2 How to send samples?

Metro and other high-speed rail motor car paints, coatings , powder coatings, pigments, etc. in order to reduce the likelihood of fires , according to EN45545 standards require fire retardant smoke toxicity testing , more please contact the company 025-86583475 Nanjing Rui Governor . How to send samples paint products for EN45545-2 test , is of great concern to many manufacturers one . After the paint is cured to send samples for testing directly or through other methods for testing ? Nanjing Smart Company fire retardant test based on years of experience and the end-use products , to provide you with most products use EN45545-2 test methods. Smart Company Tel: +86 25-8658 3475 .

European Railway in March 8, 2013 officially announced an updated version of EN45545-2 standard . EN45545-2 will be updated to the latest version of the standard EN45545-2 :2013-09, EN45545-2: 2013 standard with the previous EN45545-2: 2009 standard is different.

Paint/pigment EN45545 test items and standards
EN45545-2 Railway applications - Fire protection of railway vehicles-Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviour of materials and components
EN45545-2 Railway applications - Fire protection of railway vehicles - Part 2: Materials and components for fire protection requirements .

EN ISO 5658-2: vertical flame spread test ( according to the value of CHF critical heat KW/M2 assessed )
EN ISO 5660-1: Thermal emission testing ( based on cone calorimeter test method for heat release )
EN ISO 5659-2: Smoke Density Test
EN ISO 5659-2: CIT toxicity testing ( CIT toxicity index based on assessment )
EN ISO 11925-2: small flame test

EU CEN/TS45545-2 standards, according to the operation of the vehicle type and the operating environment , the fire danger level is divided into HL1-HL3, these four levels , HL3 highest level of fire danger . EU EN45545-2 standard will be plans to replace BS6853, NFF16-101, NFF16-102, DIN5510-2, CEI UNI 11170-3, prE10.02.977.3 rail vehicles and other EU countries to the standard fire test material .

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