EN45545/EN45545-2 GPR Glass fiber product for European EN45545-2-2013 fire and toxicity test


With glass fiber reinforced plastic products in high-speed train and subway vehicle panel, the body wall body parts such as a large number of use, for these materials need to comply with the European EN45545 / EN45545-2 standard of flame retardant, smoke toxicity test and toxicity of fireworks to material supplier's attention more and more is also high. , of course, the more for its locomotive acceptance standards provide a lot of reference data, to ensure that the materials used in the operation of locomotive in reducing fire or when the fire broke out on the people and the environment around the damage to a minimum.


The European railway on March 8, 2013 formally announced EN45545-2 updated version of the standard. EN45545-2 will be updated to the latest edition of the standard EN45545-2-2013, while there are difference compare with the previous edition.


Vehicle panel materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic EN45545 / EN45545-2 test items and standards
EN45545-2 railway applications - railway vehicle fire protection - part 2: materials and components of the fire protection requirements.

ISO 5658-2 Reaction to fire tests - spread of flame - Part 2: Lateral spread on building products in vertical configuration
ISO 5660-1: Reaction - to - the fire tests, Heat release, the smoke production and mass loss rate - Part 1: the Heat release rate (cone calorimeter method)
ISO 5659-2: Plastics - Smoke generation - Part 2: Determination of optical density by a single - chamber test
ISO 5659-2: CIT toxicity test (according to CIT toxicity index to evaluate)
ISO 11925-2: small flame test
ISO 11925-2 - I completely Reaction to fire tests - the Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame - Part 2: Single - flame source test

The European CEN/TS45545-2 standard, according to the operation of the vehicle type and the operating environment, could be divided into HL1 fire danger rating - HL3, this three levels, HL3 fire danger rating the highest. Before the division standard EN45545-2-2009 version of the HL1- HL4 division has a larger difference. For the European market for locomotive material standard of unity, the eu EN45545-2 standard plans to replace BS6853, NFF16-101, UNI, DIN5510 NFF16-102-2, CEI 11170-3, prE10.02.977.3 before on the locomotive company internal material already aware of the various countries' railway vehicles fire test standards.


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