EN5660-1/EN ISO 5660-1 Heat release rate

EN5660-1/EN ISO 5660-1 Heat release rate--Standard

EN ISO 5660-1 Reaction to fire tests-Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate-Part 1: Heat release rate (cone calorimeter method)

The test method is similar with GB/T 16172:2007

EN5660-1/EN ISO 5660-1 Heat release rate¡ªScope
The Cone Calorimeter test is at present the most advanced method for assessing materials reaction to fire. The method follows the procedure given in international standard EN ISO 5660-1. Additionally, measurements of smoke production and production of toxic gases can be performed during the test. 

EN5660-1/EN ISO 5660-1 Heat release rate¡ªtest method¡ªEvaluate
Smoke production 
Production of toxic gases 

EN5660-1/EN ISO 5660-1 Heat release rate¡ªTest method

The surface of the test specimen is exposed to a constant level of heat irradiance, within the range 0-100 kW/m2, from a conical heater. Volatile gases from the heated specimen are ignited by an electrical spark igniter. Combustion gases are collected by an exhaust hood for further analysis. This gas analysis makes it possible to calculate heat release rate and to assess production of toxic gases from the specimen. Smoke production is assessed by measuring attenuation of a laser beam by smoke in the exhaust duct. The attenuation is related to volume flow, resulting in a measure of smoke density called smoke extinction area [m2/s].

The requirements of EN45545-2 standard

The European standard EN45545-2 general materials fire performance according to the heat release test according to EN ISO5660-1, according to the risk degree of rail vehicle running, the EN45545-2 standard on the EN release of ISO 5660-1 thermal data requirements are also different.

Such as: EN45545-2 standard R1: risk rating of HL1-HL3 vehicle requirements, heat release value ¡Ü 90. The risk level of HL4 vehicle requirements, heat release value ¡Ü 60 more please contact Nanjing smart company (+86) 400-603-6575.

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