EN ISO 5658-2/ISO5658-2 spread of flame testing

EN ISO 5658-2/ISO5658-2 spread of flame testing¡ªStandard
EN ISO 5658-2: Reaction to fire tests-spread of flame-Part 2: Lateral spread on building products in vertical configuration

EN ISO 5658-2/ISO5658-2 spread of flame testing¡ªScope
The European standard EN45545-2 general materials fire performance according to the EN ISO 5658-2 fire performance test, according to the risk degree of rail vehicle running, the EN45545-2 standard requirements are also different in EN ISO5658-2.

Such as: EN45545-2 standard R1: risk rating of HL1-HL2 vehicle requirements, CHF vertical spread data is greater than or equal to 23.9KW/M2. The risk rating of HL4 vehicle requirements, CHF vertical spread data ¡Ý 37.8KW/M2. more please contact Nanjing smart company (+86) 400-603-6575.

EN ISO 5658-2/ISO5658-2 spread of flame testing¡ªTest method
Lateral flame spread is determined on vertically oriented specimens using a rectangular radiant panel and an additional gas burner flame as the ignition source. The assessment is based on the CFE-value. The CFE-value (Critical Heat Flux at extinguishment, expressed in kW/m2) is the incident heat flux at the specimen surface at the point along its horizontal centreline where the flame ceases to advance and may subsequently go out. The CFE-value is determined by measuring the maximum spread of flame (in mm) and relating this value to the corresponding heat flux value from the heat flux profile curve (fig. 2) which is based on measurements with a non-combustible calibration board.

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