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ASTM E 662: Smoke density test

Standard name--ASTME662/ASTM E 662
ASTM E 662:2009 Standard test method for specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials

Test method--ASTME662/ASTM E 662
Smoke density (Ds) testing conducted in accordance with ASTM E 662. Sample in a sealed furnace, radiation heat is 2.5w/cm2 of Flaming combustion and non-flaming test modes. The test duration is 20 minutes. Recording the 4 minutes, 8 minutes, 20 minutes of maximum smoke density.

This test method is applied to NFPA130 fire performance testing part
Test data requirements: Ds (1.5) ¡Ü 100 and Ds (4.0) ¡Ü 200

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ASTM E662: smoke density test
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