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ASTM E 648 : floor-covering systems using a radiant heat energy source

Standard Name--ASTME648/ASTM E 648
ASTM E 648: Standard test method for critical radiant flux of floor-covering systems using a radiant heat energy source.

Test Method-- ASTME648/ASTM E 648

The Floor Radiant Panel apparatus involves a horizontally mounted floor covering test sample which receives radiant energy from a gas-air fueled radiant panel mounted above one end of the sample and inclined at an angle of 30o. The radiant panel generates a radiant flux profile along the length of the sample ranging from a maximum of 1.1 W/c m2 immediately under the panel to approximately 0.1 W/cm2 at the end of the test sample. A gas fired pilot burner is used to initiate the ignition in the sample. The distance the flooring system burns to extinguishment is converted to watts per square centimeter (W/c m2) and is reported as critical radiant flux (CRF). This is the minimum radiant energy a fire needs to sustain flame propagation in the flooring system. In this test, a higher number indicates a more flame-resistant system.

This test method is applied to NFPA130 floor covering part of the fire performance tests
Test data requirements: CRF¡Ý5kw/m2

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ASTM E648: Standard Test Method for Critical Radiant Flux of Floor-Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source
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