ACCREDIA – Italian Accreditation System – is the Italian National Accreditation Body appointed by the State to perform accreditation activity.

ACCREDIA, which was created by the merger of SINAL and SINCERT and the contribution of SIT - INRIM, ENEA and ISS, as non-profit-distributing association, has been recognised by the Italian State on 22th December 2009 as the sole National Accreditation Body that performs accreditation with authority derived from the State.
The mission is full compliance of the national accreditation system with the regulation of the European Parliament and Commission n° 765 of July 9, 2008, which is applicable from January 1, 2010, for accreditation and market compliance in all EU countries.

Every European country has as accreditation body. The national body is responsible for accreditation in compliance with the international standards of the series ISO 17000 and of the guides and the harmonised series of European norms EN 45000. All bodies are non-profit-distributing organisations.

ACCREDIA evaluates the technical competence and professional integrity of the conformity evaluation operators (laboratories and bodies), evaluating compliance with mandatory regulations and voluntary norms in order to ensure the value and credibility of the attestations they release.

ACCREDIA's activities are divided into following departments:
- testing laboratories;
- certification and inspection bodies;
- testing laboratories for food safety;
- calibration laboratories.

Accreditation is a service undertaken in the public interest so that business users, final consumers, government departments and local authorities can have trust, right through to the final link in the production and distribution chain, in the quality and safety of the goods and services available in an increasingly globalised market.

Reciprocal trust between producer and purchaser of goods, between supplier and user of a service, is a conquest for the efficiency of contemporary market functions, both public and private, national and international.

Accreditation guarantees that reports on testing, inspection and certifications - of systems, products or personnel - carrying the ACCREDIA mark, are issued respecting the most stringent international requirements of conformity evaluation, including constant and rigorous surveillance of the behaviour of accredited laboratories and bodies.


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