CEI 20-37/7电线电缆毒性测试_CEI 20-37-7毒性测试

CEI 20-37/7: Test performed on the gas emitted during the combustion of electric cables and materials, part 7: Determining the degree of toxicity of the gas released from the cables.
CEI 20-37/7: 电线电缆燃烧时气体释放的测试,第7部分:毒性测试

NF X 70-100-1:2006 Fire tests-Analysis of gaseous effluents-Part 1: Methods for analyzing gases stemming from thermal degradation.
NF X 70-100-1:2006防火测试-气体释放分析,第一部分: 热量降低产生的气体分析方法。
NF X 70-100-2:2006 Fire tests-Analysis of gaseous effluents-Part 2: Tubular furnace thermal degradation method.
NF X 70-100-2:2006防火测试-气体释放分析,第二部分:管状炉热量降低方法。

此CEI 20-37/7标准被UNI CEI 11170-3标准所引用。

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