IMO FTPC Part 8: 软件家具测试

IMO FTPC Part 8: test for upholstered furniture-IMO A.652(16)
IMO FTPC Part 8: 软件家具测试-IMO A.652(16)

IMO FTPC Part 8适用范围
Upholstered furniture 软件家具,根据IMO A.652(16)标准进行IMO FTPC Part 8软件家具测试.

IMO FTPC Part 8: 软件家具测试--参考标准
IMO Res. A.652(16): Recommendation on fire test procedures for upholstered furniture.
IMO Res. A.652(16): 软件家具防火测试

IMO MSC 61(67) FTPC – 相关测试标准
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