IMO MSC/Circ 1006船舶材料防火测试

MSC/Circ 1006 Guidelines on fire test procedures for acceptance of fire-retardant material for the construction of lifeboats
MSC/Circ 1006救生艇结构用阻燃材料防火试验规程导则

MSC/Circ 1006防火测试方法

Ignitability for fire-retardant laminate systems for the construction of lifeboats should be determined by ISO 5660-1: "Fire tests - Reaction to fire - Part 1: Rate of heat release from building products (Cone calorimeter method)", as described in paragraph 3. This test should be conducted for each resin used.
In addition, a fire-retardant resin passing the test in paragraph 3 should undergo the test contained in paragraph 4.


ISO 5660-1 Reaction to fire tests-Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate-Part 1: Heat release rate (cone calorimeter method)
ISO 5660-1对火反应试验—热释放、产烟量及质量损失率,第1部分:热释放速率(锥形量热仪法)

EN ISO 5660-1热释放量测试

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