AS 3959 appendix F/AS3959-2018热释放速率测试

AS 3959 appendix F
最大热释放速率测试及平均热释放速率测试(Maximum Heat Release rate and Average Heat release rate),我司提供澳标NATA资质的AS 3959 appendix F附录F热释放速率测试,咨询电话:025-8658 3475。

AS 3959 appendix F附录F标准

AS3959-2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas
AS3959-2018 林区易起火地区的建筑物的防火测试。AS3959 appendix F bushfire resistant timber

Bushfire-Resisting timber is timber that is deemed to be acceptable to withstand exposure up to a BAL-29 condition.
Timber may be bushfire-resisting by means of one or more of-
(a) The inherent properties of the material itself;
(b) Being impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals; or
(c) The application of fire-retardant coatings or substrates.


澳标AS 1530.1    
澳标AS 1530.3

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