London Underground (LUL) Section 12 Approved Cables-伦敦地铁协会LUL电线电缆测试


南京睿督公司提供英国UKAS资质LUL 1-085英国伦敦地铁协会防火烟毒测试报告。LUL 1-085防火标准英国伦敦地铁协会London Underground Limited (LUL)。London Underground Limited (LUL), Category: Cat 1, Number: 1-085,英国伦敦地铁协会防火测试。南京睿督提供英国UKAS资质的LUL证书,咨询电话:025-8658 3475。


Section 12 London Underground (LUL) rail cables satisfy BS ISO 4589 Part 2 Flammability Temperature Index : Greater than 280 Degrees Celsius BS EN 50268 Smoke Emission (3 metre cube) and E1042 A6 Clause 3 for Toxic Fume Emission.


Section 12 coaxial cables satisfy CEI IEC 332 Cat C Vertical Ladder as bunched coaxial cables, with the char height on completion of the cable test less than 1.5m.


Section 12 London Underground (LUL) Cables - Benefits
*Low smoke, non-toxic and halogen free LUL rail cables
*Rail cable sheath is UV resistant limting effects of sunlight ageing


Rail cables for use in LUL Metro System are sub divided into 3 main cable types :


Type 1 - LUL rail cables for use in open locations and above ground stations


Type 2- LUL rail cables for use in tunnels or underground locations and are suitable for use in Section 12 of the Fire Precaution (Sub-Surface Railway Stations) Regulations 1999


Type 3 - LUL rail cables for external use and where standing water or ducts fill with water, this includes fire alarm cables


London Underground (LU) Section 12 approved rail cables include coaxial cables, triaxial cables, fibre-optic cables, trackside telecomms cables (G7623), CAT5E data cables and power cables.


Section 12 Cables Explained - cable to sub-surface locations on the London Underground require Section 12 conforming cables. Following the King’s Cross fire on the London Underground in 1987, the Fire Precautions (Sub-Surface Railway Stations) Regulations 1989 – also known as the Section 12 regulations – were introduced. Many people were affected by the smoke and toxic fumes during the fire and the Section 12 regulations stipulate that everything – from display boards to electrical cables – must adhere to stringent safety standards. Cable in Section 12 locations must meet the requirements of LUL Standard 1-085, which details the fire safety performance of materials used on the London Underground. In particular, Section 3.3.3 of the Standard lists the flammability, flame spread and smoke emission requirements for cable. All cables undergo rigorous testing to comply with the regulations.




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