GB12441-2005 Finishing fire retardant paint

The GB12441-2005 Scope

This standard set of finishing fire retardant paint terms and definitions, technical requirements, test method, inspection rules, signs and packaging. This standard is applicable to decorating intumescent fireproof coating. Nanjing smart to China fire prevention network to provide authoritative professional GB12441 standards for your related services.

Finishing fire retardant paint coated on Finishing fire retardant Paint combustible material ( such as wood, fiber board, board and its products ) surface, can form a fireproof coating with flame retardant protective and decorative effect coating.

GB12441-2005 Finishing fire retardant paint

1 state in container, no agglomeration, evenly stirring
2 fineness,¡Ü 90 micron,
3 surface drying time less than 5 hours; the drying time less than 24 hours
4 adhesion¡Ü3
5 flexibility¡Ü3
6 impact is greater than or equal to 20cm
7 water, 24 hours after the test, no wrinkles, no peeling, blistering in standard condition 24 hours to recover, to allow a slight loss of light and color.
8 moisture, 48 hours after the test, no bubble, no falling film, to allow a slight loss of light and color.
9 fire resistant time¡Ý 15 minutes
10 fire spread ratio¡Ü 25
11 mass loss¡Ü5 grams
12¡Ü 25cm3 carbonization area

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