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法国NF阻燃防火测试标准 法标NF防火阻燃测试标准 France Standard NF Standard

NF C20-453:基本环境测试程序.测试方法.烟雾腐蚀性的常规测试
NF C20-453:Basic environmental testing procedures. Test methods. Conventional determination of corrosiveness of smoke.

NF C20-454:基本环境测试程序.测试方法.火灾特性.气体在高温分解过程中的分析和滴定或电工用材料的燃烧.异常热力或火灾辐照.管式炉法
NF C20-454:Basic environmental testing procedures. Test methods. Fire behaviour. Analysis and titrations of gases evolved during pyrolysis or combustion of materials used in electrotechnics. Exposure to abnormal heat or fire. Tube furnace method.

NF C32-070:设备用绝缘电缆和柔性软线.按绝缘电缆和软线耐火性进行分类测试
NF C32-070:Insulated cables and flexible cords for installations - Classification tests on cables and cords with respect to their behaviour to fire

Halogen Free Control Cable With Numbered Conductors, NF C32-070 C1 is a halogen free multi-conductor, flexible power and control cable designed for use in all electrical equipment in dry, damp and wet conditions. Recommended applications include machinery, data processing equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In case of fire, no corrosive gases are produced. This cable is particularly suitable for use where human life and valuable property are exposed to an extremely high risk of fire.

NF C32-073:燃烧时电缆的通用测试方法.在规定条件下电缆燃烧时烟密度的测量
NF C32-073:Common test methods for cables under fire conditions - Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions

NF C32-074:火灾情况下电缆的一般测试方法-电缆材料燃烧时产生的气体的测试
NF C32-074:Common test methods for cables under fire conditions - Test on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables

NF C32-310:设备用绝缘电缆和软线-额定电压高达 0.6/1 kV 的耐火(CR1级)电缆和软线
NF C32-310:Insulated cables and flexible cords for installation-Fire resistant (class CR1) cables and flexible cords for rated voltage up to and including 0,6/1 kv.

NF F16-101:铁路车辆.防火性能.材料的选择
NF F16-101:Rolling stock,Fire behaviour. Choice of material
NF F16-101/NF F16-102法国轨道车辆阻燃防火测试标准根据标准化试验的结果,提出轨道车辆材料分类的方法。此种分类方法使上述目的得以建立,同时又尽可能多地考虑到材料的燃烧以及燃烧散发时材料的不透性和毒性。NF F16-101法国轨道车辆阻燃防火测试标准的目的是根据材料燃烧性及有关对火的反应,不透烟性和气体散发出的毒性,来制定与材料选择有关的标准

NF F16-102:铁路车辆-防火性能.电器设备管用材料的选择和应用
NF F16-102:Railway rolling stock,Fire behaviour. Materials choosing,application for electric equipments.
NF F 16-102 法国轨道车辆阻燃防火测试标准根据标准化试验的结果,提出轨道车辆材料分类的方法。此种分类方法使上述目的得以建立,同时又尽可能多地考虑到材料的燃烧以及燃烧散发时材料的不透性和毒性。NF F 16-102 法国轨道车辆阻燃防火测试标补充说明了电子电器设备在轨道车辆上的应用,轨道车辆-燃烧特点-材料选择,适用于电器设备。


NF F16-201:铁路车辆- 座椅防火测试
NF F16-201:Railway rolling stock, Fire Resistance test for seats.

NF G 07-128:纺织品.燃烧特性.氧指数的测试
NF G 07-128:Textiles.-Behaviour in fire, Determination of the oxygen index
NF G 07-128 or NF T 51-071 standard have been replaced by IEC 60695-2-11/EN ISO 60695-2-11.
This standard is used to small size parts of I classification in the oxygen index test.
The oxygen index test apply the test oxygen index is 70%、45%、32%、28%

NF G 07-180:纺织品-燃烧性能-工作时标准测试方法选择用数据
NF G 07-180:Textiles - Fire behaviour. Data for choosing standardized methods of test to be used

NF G 07-182:纺织品-燃烧性能-45度定向样品火焰蔓延特性的测试。
NF G 07-182:Textiles - Fire behaviour. Measurement of flame spread properties of 45 degrees oriented specimens. Determination of flame spread rate

NF G 07-184:纺织品-燃烧性能-燃烧表面破坏等级的分类方法
NF G 07-184:Textiles - Behaviour in fire. Classification method based on the surface destroyed

NF G 35-027:铺地纺织品-燃烧性能-常温样品测试
NF G 35-027:Textiles -Textile floor coverings- Burning behaviour. Tablet test at ambient temperature


NF P 92-501:防火安全,建筑材料,防火性能,适用于全部厚度的刚性或刚性复合材料(铺地成品)和厚度大于5mm挠性材料的辐射测试
NF P 92-501:Safety against fire - Building materials - Reaction to fire tests - Radiation test used for rigid materials or for materials on rigid substrates (flooring and finishes) of all thicknesses and for flexible materials thicker that 5 mm
NF P 92-501(Epiradiateur辐射器法)是法国用于测定建筑墙板及天花板的阻燃防火性能的方法,主要适用于测定各种厚度的硬质材料和厚度大于5mm的软质材料的阻燃防火等级,法国铁路列车标准NF F 16-101同样采用该测试方法评定列车相关组件的防火阻燃等级.。该方法同时测试材料的释热性和火焰传播情况。对于厚度小于5mm的软质材料,适用NF P 92-503进行评定。

NF P 92-503:防火安全,建筑材料,防火性能,挠性材料用电炉测试
NF P 92-503:Safety against fire, Building materials, Reaction to fire tests. Electrical burner test used for flexible materials

Electrical burner test used for flexible materials thickness no more than 5 mm.

NF P 92-504:防火安全,建筑材料,防火性能,火焰持续性和蔓延速度测试
NF P 92-504:Safety against fire. Building materials. Reaction to fire tests, Flame persistance test and speed of the spread of flame.
NF P 92-504用于测定水平放置的材料火焰传播速率。该方法亦适用于在其它或试验中迅速熔化而不燃烧,或者不能达到M1~M3的材料。

NF P 92-505:防火安全,建筑材料,防火性能,热熔材料熔滴性能测试
NF P 92-505:Safety against fire, Building materials. Reaction to fire tests, Test used for thermalmelting materials. Dripping test
NF P 92-505是用于测试建筑材料燃烧时是否产生可点燃棉绒的熔滴。如果在其他火反应试验中材料不燃产生熔滴或者材料快速收缩而无法测定其火焰传播情况,则应进行滴落性试验,根据滴落试验的结果将材料划分为M1~M4等级。

NF P 92-506:防火安全,建筑材料,防火性能,地面材料辐射板测试
NF P 92-506:Safety against fire,Building materials. Reaction to fire tests. Radiant panel test for flooring.

NF P 92-507:防火安全-建筑-内部装饰材料-防火性能等级
NF P 92-507:Fire safety - Building - Interior fitting materials - Classification according to their reaction to fire

NF P 92-511:防火安全,建筑材料,防火性能(附测试方法),根据材料性质和用途确定测试方法,标准支架,模拟型式
NF P 92-511:Safety against fire. Building materials. Reaction to fire tests (annex to the test methods). Determination of the tests to be selected according to the nature and utilization of the materials. Standard backing. Information forms models.

NF P 92-512:防火安全,建筑,防火性能,材料按防火耐久性的分类等级,测试
NF P 92-512:Safety against fire - Building- Reaction to fire tests - Determination of the durability of the fire reaction classification of materials. Tests.

NF P 92-701:计算方法 混凝土结构耐火预测用的计算方法
NF P 92-701:FB calculation method - Calculation method used for forecasting the fire resistance of concrete structures

NF P 92-702:计算方法 钢结构耐火预测用的计算方法
NF P 92-702:FA calculation method- Calculation method used for forecasting the fire resistance of steel structures. Annex: method for characterizing protective products.


NF T51-071:塑料.燃烧性能氧指数评定
NF T51-071:Plastics. Determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index

This standard has been replaced by IEC 60695-2-11/EN ISO 60695-2-11 and is used to small size part of 1 classification in the oxygen index test. The oxygen index test apply the test oxygen  index is 70%,45%,32%,28%.

NF T51-072:塑料.与小火源接触的水平及垂直样品燃烧特性的评定
NF T51-072:Plastics. Determination of the burning behaviour of horizontal and vertical specimens in contact with a small-flame ignition source

NF T51-073:塑料.防火性能.烟密度测试法
NF T51-073:Plastics. Reaction to fire. Test method to measure the density of smoke.
The small-scale smoke testing apparatus now proposed as a standard in France under the designation NF–T51–073 measures the total obscuration from a stream of smoke generated from a small sample. Although like other small-scale fire tests, it is not claimed to be of relevance to real fire situations, it is possible by varying the temperature over a wide range (200–900°C) to obtain a plot of specific optical density for various materials which broadly corresponds with general experience and certain other smoke tests. The plots show that nearly all flammable substances give a rapid rise in smoke opacity in the 350–500°C region above which there is always a steep drop sometimes to smoke densities of virtually zero. Apart from one or two synthetic materials which show a very low smoke density through-out, there is no general trend as between natural and synthetic substances. Oxygen depletion which often occurs in a real fire situation has some effect on the smoke density but it is not a major one. On the other hand, in some cases reheating the smoke can have quite a dramatic effect, due very probably to further pyrolysis and combustion.

NF T51-074:塑料.燃烧性能.炽热丝测试发
NF T51-074:Plastics - Fire behaviour. Hot wire test

NF T51-075:塑料.燃烧性能.针状喷嘴测试
NF T51-075:Plastics - Fire behaviour. Needle burner test

NF T51-076:塑料.立式软薄样品与小火焰源接触的燃烧性能测试
NF T51-076:Plastics. Determination of burning behaviour of thin flexible vertical specimens in contact with a small-flame ignition source

NF T56-125:软质泡沫聚合材料.样品对小火焰水平方向燃烧特征的实验评估
NF T56-125:Flexible cellular polymeric materials - Laboratory assessment of horizontal burning characteristics of small specimens subjected to a small flame

NF T57-102:纺织玻璃纤维增强式塑料制品、聚酯胶片、模制化合物及层压板材.纺织物玻璃纤维和矿物填充料含量的测试.煅烧法
NF T57-102:Textile - glass-reinforced plastics. Prepregs, moulding compounds and laminates. Determination of the textile-glass and mineral-filler content。 Calcinations methods。

NF T57-501:塑料,增强型热固性塑料的燃烧性能,总则
NF T57-501:Plastics - Fire behaviour of reinforced thermosetting plastics. General considerations


NF X10-702:防火测试方法.在不流通空气中测试烟雾的浑浊度
NF X10-702:Fire test methods.Determination of the opacity of the fumes in an atmosphere without air renewal.
The smoke density measurement taken from a material under fire conditions gives an indition of the visibility through the smoke,this is import as reduced visibility makes it more difficult to escape from a fire hence increasing the threat to human life from the toxic gas,flames and heat.

NF X41-027:黏合带不燃性测试
NF X41-027:Self adhesive tapes.Measurement of flame resistance.

NF X70-100:防火测试-废气的分解
NF X70-100:Fire tests - Analysis of gaseous effluents
The test is conducted within a tube furnace where the temperature is set at either 400℃,600℃,800℃(commonly 600℃ is used for most materials or 800℃ in the case of some electrical products)40minutes throughout the test By(CO,CO2,HCL,HBr,HCN,HF,SO2)analysis of this gases toxicity index

NF X70-101:防火安全.燃烧性能测试.对燃烧或高温分解产生的气体的分析.测试箱法
NF X70-101:Safety against fire. Fire behaviour tests. Analysis of gases resulting of combustion or pyrolysis.Test chamber method.




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