DAR German Accreditation Council

DAR is the German abbreviation of the German Accreditation Council. DAR is the coordination of regulatory agencies of the German accreditation system.

German Accreditation Council was established in May 1991 by the German Federal Government, the German Department of Labor (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology, BMWA), the German chemical authorized institutions (Germam Accreditation Body Chemistry, DACH), Germany, detection of an authorized institution (German accreditation system for testing then DAP), the German technology of authorized institutions (German Accreditation Body for technology,, DA Tech), German Institute for Standardization Society of the (German Institute for standardization, DIN), the German Federal Institute for Materials inspection Institute (Federal the Institute for materials Research and the testing distribution. BAM) and other 20 organizations co-founded, including many industry representatives can actively influence the accreditation policy in Germany. Its main task is to coordinate laboratories, testing organizations, certification bodies and conformity assessment bodies working in the field of certification / recognition, especially the relationship between mandatory and non-mandatory areas of recognized organizations; deal with general issues within the voluntary and mandatory fields ; at home and abroad on behalf of the German accreditation organization to release the accredited certification bodies and accredited laboratories directory.

German Accreditation Council for DAR's position in Germany is roughly equivalent to the status of the China National Accreditation Committee of (CNAS) in China. Germany is the EU member countries, a report issued by the DAR recognized laboratory gained wide acceptance and recognition within Europe.

DAR authorized by the German Accreditation Council for use by the DAR logo and laboratory registration number, the mark of authenticity and scope of accreditation from the DAR website to verify and query.

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