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Fire test training

To enable manufacturers and their engineers and technicians a better understanding of fire safety standards, and grasp the key elements of the test to make it more scientific and reliable test results. On the one hand, technical personnel can make in understanding the basis of tests to grasp the key to product development: On the other hand, can also save development cycle, saving the cost of product development.

Training-Transferring expert knowledge
An effective training for all enterprises is the most basic and essential.

Smart services are provided training in various fields for its many years of accumulated skills and experience-based.

In addition, we have fire training system, at all levels with customers and co-operation in various fields. This enabled us to the problems faced by customers may have a better understanding.

Training and will focus on resolving the current enterprise may encounter practical problems.

Training will enable the enterprise
1, encouraged by the excitation, the effective work of the leadership team, and the effective functioning of business administration program.

2, the effective integration of quality, environmental protection, health and safety management system.

3, the profit from the commercial industry.

Training - to new heights

To improve the international competitiveness of domestic products, and to break the barriers to trade, from product design, production, sales, testing and certification services to meet the requirements of target markets, thereby providing a significant business productivity.

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Address:16F Deying Mansion, No.118 Middle Jiangdong Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu,China  Tel£º(+86) 25-8658 3475
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