NFF16-101/NFC32-070 cable testing¡ªTest item and standard?

F-class smoke toxicity testing: F0-F5 (F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5) according to NF X 10-702 (smoke density test) and the NF X 70-100 (toxicity testing) together to assess the level F smoke toxicity

Wire and cable C1, C2 level test: NF C 32-070 C1, C2, NF C 32-070 C1-level cable test requirements stricter than the NF C 32-070 C2 Multi. C1 grade flame retardant cables used in place stringent requirements, testing is carried out using specialized equipment. Test when a 160CM cable hung vertically on the sample rack, the role of radiation under the ignition furnace test, tests 30MIN, 10MIN stop every ventilation 1MIN, test, cable intact chimneys above, the cable C1 level.

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